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Passionate to offer solutions for a unified view of your customers and business. We unlock hidden business opportunities through data-centric approach powered by Data Science & innovation.

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A Bit About Us

CEDURA is a brainchild of professionals from technology, management and psychology to find the right sync between the personalization and behavioural analysis, powered by AI/ML algorithms to deliver human-centric solutions to the organizations and individuals to unlock their dormant potential.


We enjoy leveraging on the unique opportunities evolved while harmonizing AI technologies and behavioural psychology.


We are keep in understanding the human side of the business & customers using cognitive and behaviour models for success.


All we are interested is in being stakeholders and work in tandem with our customers to deliver impact in their opreations.


Be it a consultancy or a training engagement, our solutions are insight-based backed up by technological and market expertise.

What we got for you

We are good at software as we are good at hardware. We have solutions to support your software development and maintenance needs as well as Robotics, Edge-AI systems.


Your partner in AI innovation

We are a pioneering Data Science company making Artificial Intelligence attainable to all. Witness our approach towards building business and human-centric solutions for personalized customer engagement.

Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Decision Sciences
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Our Unique Approach

Analytics driven platforms to leverage on internal strengths powered by data pool and marketing channels for business alignment.



Improving data effectiveness through integration of internal & social data channels to gain insights about the market and the target group. Leading organizations towards decision sciences.

  • Data Centralization
  • Data Intelligence
  • Business Introspection
  • Customer Alignment
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Channel reach optimization to reduce potential gaps for dynamic personalization of marketing activities in the context of the customer along with real-time analysis & predictive models.

  • Channel Dynamics
  • Targeted Approach
  • Personalized Solutions
  • Real-time Metrics
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Data-Centric to Human-Centric

Empowering organizations to learn more about their target group and
behaviours to identify the hidden potential.



Every business is a social enterprise with a common objective of Human-Centric solutions, internal or external. However, the challenge of the competitive market always stacks up against a growth of the organization. AI-based decision science solutions could be used so that you could focus on want you are good at, being creative. Below industry studies highlight this thought and how you could tune your operations


Unlocking the hidden opportunities in the retail operations.

Retail market has always been a competitive one with industries pitching against each other with better discounts, faster deliveries, and best user experiences. However, in this distributed business model there are often hidden opportunities to offer personalized services for higher returns.


Right marketing-mix for customer engagement returns.

There is no readymade marketing mix or one size fits all solution when it comes to marketing. Marketers often work on the trail & error basis to right the sweet spot to maximize their reach. It takes churning tons of data and customer behavioural analysis to arrive at the right composition.


Reducing financial transactions risk and inducing trust.

Complexity of the financial worlds attracts risks in the form of frauds, identity thefts, and such. AI-based solutions could be readily implemented to mitigate these risks while ensuring uninterrupted services to the clients to create a secured environment for transactions.


Leaving mark through personalization of user experience.

Many things could happen over a cup of coffee. Advanced analytics and visualization support decision making right from improved user experience to stock management and also demand-based strategies. Opportunities to explore and understand the business through data storytelling.

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