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Mitigating the gap between the industry and institution through Hybrid learning platform to convert knowledge into skills

Offering contemporary courses to transform an individual into a industry ready profession. Be it core IT programs or those from the Emerging Technologies our project based learning methodology would ensure right skills for the students and prepare them for the real world.

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Introducing Hybrid Learning

We have simplified the learning curve – Enabling learner to focus on the aspired career path and transit through stages of learning. You could plan and enrol for the courses that would build your career, while we handhold to empower you with relevant skills.

Hybrid learning is a revolutionary teaching methodology that encapsulates experiential learning through mentor-led online classroom for 1-on-1 interaction along with video-based e-learning for reinforcement and to suit the learning style of every student. Students could learn at the pace they would like to learn for better engagement and commitment.

All the courses at CEDLEARN are coupled with counselling by our mentors to guide the student towards their desired career path with right skills.

Poised to change the learning experience of the individuals to transform them into industry ready professionals

IT and Emerging Technologies simplified for students & professionals

CEDLEARN offer on-demand courses designed and developed by IIT-Alumni and Professional from IT and emerging technologies. This gives the right flair to the programs where students would learn the technologies in the way the industry wants thus bridging the gap. We are project oriented and all our students would work on individual projects to showcase their learning.

We follow boot camp method in our teaching to bring learning as close as possible to the practical world to convert the knowledge into skills. Our students would participate in various activities and competitions.

The certification program ensures right skills the industry is looking for. We would prepare students to be ready to contribute from the day one upon hiring.

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