The Ultimate DS-GUI

Democratizing Data Science - Turn every resource into a Data Scientist and create a ML model in just 60 seconds.

Build a Data Science in just 60 seconds, without writing a single line of code. Add the magic of analytics, visualization and insight generation to your work. Create and share you workspace with your team members for ML model building.


Enabling Individuals and Corporates with the power of Data Science to achieve edge over your competition.

Streamline operations right from data sourcing to ML model building.
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Anytime Data Science

Transform your operations by investing in the power of Data Science. Turn every resource into a Data Scientist with an easy drag and drop DS-GUI application. Perform data operations, scrubbing, feature engineering and machine learning modelling and more without parting with your data. Meet your data science requirement with the SaaS or On-Premises model.

We have simplified Data Science for you so that you could leverage the benefits irrespective of the size of your operations. Create reports in no time with better insights for informed decision making. Collaborate with your team across the board by overcoming geographical limitations. DS-GUI replacing ML-GUI with inbuilt popular algorithms to suit your business demands.