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AI is for the Champions–India’s first AI-focused hybrid learning platform with Project-Based Learning, for students of Grade 7 and above.

Simplified learning curve – AI is not a subject but an umbrella term that encapsulates Data Analytics, Data Science, and Deep Learning. Children should get a grip on the concepts and could even pick AI as a subject in their academics or draft a career path towards it.

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Introducing Hybrid Learning

We are here to democratize AI. Hybrid learning is a revolutionary teaching methodology that encapsulates experiential learning through mentor-led online classroom for 1-on-1 interaction along with video-based e-learning for reinforcement and to suit the learning style of every student. Students could learn at the pace they would like to learn for better engagement.

SchoolforAI project-based learning approach encourages students to master the concepts and challenge themselves towards solving real-life problems using AI technologies – AIforGood. Transforming students into problems solvers using emerging technologies for a better future. Project-based learning in action to knowledge the knowledge into skill without the extra load.

Learn and master the 5 core areas of AI applications in a simple way to practice the skills in real real environment

Check out Data, Computer Vision, NLP, Audio and Autonomous application

Simplifying the understanding of the purview of AI through analysis of its 5 core applications, thus simplify the learning and encouraging experiential learning – Explore the world of AI from Data Science to Deep Learning. We have simplified AI through our project-based learning that covers all the 5 essential stages from data sourcing to deployment.

Our Project-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy is being supported by our handpicked mentors from the industry who has a genuine love for AI and teaching with hands-on DS/AI project experience.

We select, prepare and invest in our trainers so that they could maintain uniform delivery quality while meeting your unique learning style and demands.

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